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The Cypress PSoC C Compiler Saga

Some people may wonder about our Cypress PSoC C compiler plan. The original plan from a couple years ago was to release our PRO compiler, significantly increase the performance of the compiler. During the last couple years though, many unexpected … Continue reading

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Development Plan

One of the clear demands from the comments to our prior posts is that we should concentrate on delivering great compilers. I thought I’d lay out our primary development plan for the next 6 months, in increasing order of priority: … Continue reading

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Next-gen IDE followups

Lots of great comments on the last post here and on our mailing lists. Let me elaborate on the subject: To address why working on the IDE at all when a simple one suffices: it is definitely the case that … Continue reading

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Next-Gen IDE

We released our first Windows IDE around 1996, V3 of our compilers. It was one of the earliest Windows GUI for an embedded compiler at the time. The look and feel of the IDE remained generally the same up through … Continue reading

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