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Parallax Propeller and the Propeller C Compiler

I worked at compiler teams for a few companies before founding ImageCraft: large ones like DEC (RIP) and HP, but also smaller ones like Whitesmiths and Intermetrics. The joke is that when a company promotes their latest chips as “co-designed … Continue reading

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REXIS (V2): The Subsumption Architecture OS

Subsumption Architecture was defined by MIT’s Rodney Brooks as a new method of building intelligent systems based on reactive behavior based control. While 20+ years later, the promise of the subsumption architecture has not produced an intelligent robot yet (although … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero and the ImageCraft AVR C Compiler

One of the hottest console games currently is Guitar Hero. It’s hugely entertaining and you get to enjoy some good music. On the downside, it doesn’t have anything to do with playing real guitar per se as the primary task … Continue reading

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In the Beginning…

Our first compiler product was a low cost ($39!!!) C compiler for the HC11. The ’11 was great for its time: the documentation is a standard that most CURRENT microcontroller documents could take lessons from; the chip was easy to … Continue reading

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