Everything Old is New Again

A few years ago, we updated our website https://imagecraft.com with a modern CMS based system. It’s been working great, allowing us to add new products and other content easily. At the same time, we also tried different blogging and user communication platforms.

Based on what we learned, we are blogging again using WordPress at https://imagecraft.com/blog/ and restarting mailing lists, but now using a current platform from groups.io. As we start this migration, you might get multiple invite messages. Apology in advance for any duplication.

All the old yahoogroups data, including files and messages, will be available! (groups.io is founded by the same person that wrote the original yahoogroups mailing list software) You can access messages using the web and or email interface, use hashtags, etc. with lots of customization possible. The invite message will contain the different email addresses to use for sending messages, administrative commands etc.

See https://imagecraft.com/get-news-and-updates for the complete listing.

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