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Major Step for ImageCraft, JumpStart C++ for Cortex Beta Now Available

Major changes to the JumpStart product! We are rolling out C++ support, plus  access to 3rd party and vendor libraries and GUI Builders such as ST CubeMX. Read some of the info here:

Download the beta here:
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Spiffy New Animation On Our Homepage

Check out our home page if you have not done so in the past couple days. The "Hero Slides" concept is good but I thought we can do better. Our superhuman web designer met the challenge and did exactly what I envision. It describes our focus perfectly.


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Embedded Resources

With all the forums, websites, newsletters, blogs, social media, it can be hard to keep up with all the "Happenings" in embedded space. Here are some of my favorite resources. What are yours? Please feel free to comment!

The Embedded Muse

This is a newsletter I always enjoy reading. About the author:

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