Overview of JumpStart C++ for Cortex

Operating System Requirements

JumpStart C++ for Cortex requires 1 to 2 gigabytes of hard drive space and a minimum of 4 Gb of memory. It runs on Windows OS from Windows XP to later.

Downloading and Installing

The JumpStart C++ demo (which is also the latest version) is available on our website here:

http://imagecraft.com/download/demo-software.  The direct URL to the file is http://imagecraft.com/pub/iccv9cortex_demo.exe. The demo is fully functional for 45 days.


Once you finish downloading, click on the .exe and follow the instructions to install. The default installation directory is c:\iccv9cortex, but you may change it to anywhere you like.


Older versions of the products are available on request by emailing support@imagecraft.com.


Demo, Non-Commercial, and Standard Compiler Editions

If you do not have a valid license, our compiler products work in Demo mode:


·         You may not develop commercial software with them

·         They are fully functional for 45 days, and

·         Afterward, their functions are limited


The Non-Commercial license has the following restrictions:


·         You may not develop commercial software with your compiler product

·         The JDB debugger is limited to 2 watch variables, and the Advanced Debug Toolbar (ADT) is not active.


To remove these limitations, you may purchase a STD (standard) license at https://imagecraft.com.