GCC Version

You can find the specific version of GCC used in JumpStart C++ for Cortex by invoking Help->Display GCC version. If you examine the GCC executive file names in JumpStart C++ for Cortex, located in c:\iccv9cortex\GnuARM\bin and c:\iccv9cortex\GnuARM\arm-none-eabi\bin\, they have the prefix arm-none-eabi. The general naming convention of a GCC version is <target architecture>-<OS>-<output format>. Therefore, arm-none-eabi means that the target architecture is ARM, there is no OS interface (i.e. “bare metal” embedded systems), and the output conforms to the ARM Extended Application Binary Interface (EABI). Conformance to EABI means that toolchains from different vendors can interoperate with each other.


ImageCraft strives to update JumpStart C++ for Cortex with the most current stable GCC. A user may also install any compatible GCC release into the folder c:\iccv9cortex\GnuARM\ with few or no effects on the rest of the toolchain.