Project File Directories

When you create a project, you specify the directory (folder) <project dir> where files are stored.


The project files, with .cbp, .prj, and other file extensions, are stored in <project dir>.


If you use the “Wizards” to generate new projects, the following directories are created by default. Debug and Release correspond to the default debug and release targets. If you use different target names, they will be used instead.


     <project dir>\bin\Debug\ and <project dir>\bin\Release\ contain the output files.

     <project dir>\obj\ contains intermediate files generated by the compiler and should be ignored.

     <project dir>\Setup\Debug\ and <project dir>\Setup\Release\ contain the startup files and flash.ld, the linker memory command files. These files are described in later sections.

     <project dir>\Src\ contains the generated skeletal main.c or main.cpp.


You may put additional source files anywhere, but either <project dir>\ or <project dir>\Src\ are recommended.