Using Third-Party Libraries

As GCC is an industry-standard compiler, most third-party libraries are either source code or binary compatible with GCC as included in JumpStart C++ for Cortex.

Using JumpStart C++ Import Wizards

The CubeMX Import Wizard has already been described above. ImageCraft will create additional import wizards for popular third-party libraries.

Using JumpStart C++ Package Manager

One challenge in programming Cortex-M MCU is that different silicon vendors have different libraries and header files for their MCUs. Indeed, ST has multiple libraries (Standard Peripheral Library 1.0, Standard Peripheral Library 1.5, HAL…) for their Cortex-M MCU. It is difficult for a user to manage and download all these libraries and integrate them into their programs.


ImageCraft will release a Package Manager that addresses these issues in future release of JumpStart C++ for Cortex.

Source Code Libraries

You can manually add any source code files to a project, and add any header file directory to the Paths dialog box in the Build Options.


Note: some libraries require specific compiler and linker options to be set. For example, FreeRTOS requires certain floating point options; see Floating Point Options.

Binary Libraries

Library files, in the form of libXYZ.a and in GCC object file format, can be copied into the <install root>\lib\ directory, and their names added to the Build Options, as described earlier.