Project Debug / Download Options

Invoke Project->Debug/Download Options to open this dialog box, which lets you set the debug and download options for the active target of the current project.


NOTE: each target of a project has its own settings.

Cortex Debug/Download Interface

This tab allows you to select the hardware debug/programming pod for this target. Most pods support both JTAG and SWD interface. JTAG is the older interface, available in many devices, not just ARM MCU. SWD is a newer and faster interface which uses fewer hardware pins. If the target MCU and development board support both interfaces, then SWD should be used.


NOTE: Cortex-M0 supports SWD only, and if a Cortex-M0 based MCU is selected as the target, the Pod Interface option is automatically set to SWD and the radio buttons are greyed out.


Semihosting is supported by Jlink, Black Magic Probe, and the Wireless Debug Pod.



Debugger Behaviors Tab

This tab controls the behaviors of the JumpStart Debugger (JDB), described in detail later.


     Do not flash MCU: If your program has not changed, this saves a small amount of time since the debugger knows that it does not have to check the flash content and reprogram it if necessary.

     Run to main: the program pauses at the start of your main() function.

     Do not run: the program stops at the reset vector.

     Run: runs the program without pausing.