Code Browsing and Other Productivity Aids

CodeBlocks has extensive productivity aids:

Mouse Hovering

Mousing over and pausing briefly over a name shows the function prototype of the name if it is a function name, or the type and scope of a variable if it is a variable name. If the debugger is active (see JumpStart Debugger, later) and if the name is a variable, then its content is displayed.


CodeBlocks parses a project as it is being loaded and can provide autocomplete hints as you type a function name. Just hit the ENTER key to accept the suggestion, and the name of the function will be inserted.

Code References

Right-clicking on a name will bring up a context sensitive menu, among these being:


     “Find declaration of…”,

     “Find implementation of …”, and

     “Find references of …”

These let you find these locations easily.


A bookmark can be set on a line so that you may locate it easily. Bookmark controls are under the Edit->Bookmarks… menu, and also available when you right-click on a file and bring up the context-sensitive menu. A bookmark is represented by a gray triangle in the editor gutter.


You can toggle a bookmark, or you may go to the previous or next bookmark in the lexical position within the file.


The Browse Tracker plugin, described later, augments the bookmark features further.



Code Browsing

The Symbols tab of the Management panel on the left side shows the list of symbols for different contexts: