Debugger Issues

General Support Guidelines

When users have issues with the JDB debugger, we often go through the same set of tests and ask similar questions to get to the root cause of the issue. This outlines a few things users can do to supply us with helpful information early in the process, which will hopefully lead to quicker technical support responses.

Most important: ... when replying to our support emails, always do a "reply to all" to ensure that we keep track of your issues and our attempts to help you.

Log files

By default, the "Debug" window in the IDE does not show all of the details of the interaction between the IDE and JDB. When having problems with the debugger the first step is to enable the full debug message content. Do this by going to the Settings/Debugger... menu item in the IDE. Select the Common item in the list on the left of the dialog and check Full (Debug) log. This will increase the detail displayed in the "Debug" window. If JDB does not show variables, is displaying the wrong source code, or other source-related debug issues this is a useful set of messages to copy and send to us. Note, taking screen shots of these messages is not the best way to send the information. Please copy and paste the messages from the "Debug" window into a text file or directly into your email.

A second place to collect data for us is to go to your user data folder, c:\users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\ImagecraftCB and send us the log files in that folder. It is a good idea to close CodeBlocks before doing this to ensure all the log data has been written to the files.

A third and final log file may be generated by running the "Dbgview.exe" program found in the ".bin" folder of your installation. Note that this program must be run as Administrator. The best procedure is to close CodeBlocks, start Dbgview.exe (as administrator), and then start CodeBlocks again. Use CodeBlocks and JDB to reproduce the issue and then save the log file captured by Dbgview.exe.

JDB not starting

From time-to-time an anti-virus program or Windows Update will remove a DLL required by JDB. The first step to try to resolve this is to re-install the ImageCraft toolchain. If this doesn't resolve the issue then we need to run "depends.exe", found in the ".bin" folder of the installation. Once depends.exe is running use it to open the DLL IDB_Engine.dll, this is found in the "bin/idb" folder of the installation. Save the report generated and send it to us for analysis.

Recovering from a Debugger Crash

If the debugger crash for whatever reasons, before restarting another debug session, use the Windows task manager to see whether the process ADT.exe, (and if using the ST-LINK pod) ST-LINK_gdbserver.exe, are still running. If they are, use the task manager to kill the processes before continuing. Otherwise, the debugger may not work properly.