Licensing the Software

[A hardware dongle can be used instead of the software licensing scheme described below. See Using the Hardware Dongle]


The software uses different licensing keys to enable different features. By default, the software is code size limited. If you install the software for the first time, the software is fully functional (similar to a STD license) for 45 days, after which it will be code limited for an unlimited time. The code limited version is for non-commercial personal use only.


You may update the software to the latest version within 12 months of purchase. After 12 months, you must purchase maintenance renewal to be able to update to the latest versions. See ImageCraft’s website for details.


To license your software, invoke the ImageCraft License Manager ICCV9Cortex_LicMgr.exe. The License Manager may be found under the Start button, ImageCraft Development Tools->ICCV9Cortex License Manager, or invoked through the C::B IDE under Help->ImageCraft License Manager. You will see a pop-up window containing a Hardware ID number.


Fill in the serial number as noted on your invoice, and your name or company name, then click "Copy User Info to the Clipboard" button and then paste the clipboard content to an email message and send the message to The data is formatted for processing and it will expedite our response.


If you are eligible to upgrade the software to a later version of the software, then you may upgrade to the latest version of the software by downloading the latest demo and installing it in the same directory as your current version. You may install the update in the same or different directory of the existing version.


If some accident occurs or the OS on your computer changes, as indicated by a different HW-ID as displayed in the license registration screen, then you need to reinstall the software and get a replacement license key after possibly reinstalling the software. Follow the instructions above along with an explanation and we will give you a new license key. A current maintenance agreement is not required to receive a replacement license, but the license key will only work with versions valid within the initial purchase period or maintenance periods.


Using the Software on Multiple Computers

If you need to use the software on multiple computers, such as on an office PC and a laptop, and if you are the only user of the product, you may obtain a separate license from us. Contact us for details. Alternatively, you may purchase the hardware dongle.

Transferring a License to Another Computer

If you wish to transfer a software license from one computer to another one permanently:

     On the old machine, run ICCV9Cortex_LicMgr.exe and click on the Uninstall button on lower left.

     On the new machine, run ICCV9Cortex_LicMgr.exe.


Email both sets of information you see to and we will send you a license key for the new computer.