Maintenance Purchase and Version Upgrades

Purchasing a license gives you a perpetual right to use the compiler software released at the time of purchase, as long as the terms of agreement are followed. You may request technical support and you may upgrade the software to a later minor version (*) if the maintenance agreement is current. A new license purchase includes 12 months of maintenance agreement. You may purchase additional terms of maintenance whenever you choose. Please see our website or email for details.


You may upgrade by downloading and installing the latest demo from here: You may also invoke Help->Check for ImageCraft Updates from within the IDE.


(*) For example, the current JumpStart C++ for Cortex is (major) version 9, and minor releases will be indicated as 9.01, 9.02, etc. Major version numbers do not change unless we are introducing major new features. Major version upgrades are not free. Minor version upgrades are complementary as long as you have a current maintenance agreement.