Using the Hardware Dongle

JumpStart C++ for Cortex allows you to optionally use a hardware dongle instead of the default software licensing scheme. With a dongle, you may install the compiler on multiple computers and run it on one machine at any given time.

Installing Dongle Driver

Plug in the USB dongle. It uses the standard Windows USB driver and no additional driver is needed (see Win8/Win10 Unsigned Driver Hack below). After the dongle driver is installed, if the IDE is currently running, close it first.


If you run the IDE with the licensing dongle plugged in, the IDE will automatically recognize the dongle license.


Win8 / Win10 Unsigned Driver Hack

Win8/Win10 users will probably have to use the "unsigned driver hack" for Windows to install the driver correctly. See or do a

web search for the terms "Windows 10 unsigned driver hack". We are looking into a proper solution.

Upgrading a Dongle License

If you have an existing licensing dongle, when you purchase an update to the license, for example, adding the JumpStart Debugger option, or to upgrade from non-commercial use to STANDARD license, we can update the license in the dongle via email:


NOTE: all the –DONGLE:<digit> arguments below have two dashes – to start.


1.    Purchase the update from our webshop.

2.    On a command prompt, type “<install root>\bin\jumpstart_helper –DONGLE:0” (without the quotes).

3.    Email with the information you see.

4.    Usually within 24 hours, we will reply to your email with an upgrade code, consisting of 32 characters.

5.    Close the IDE if it is running.

6.    On a command prompt, type “<install root>\bin\jumpstart_helper –DONGLE:4-<update code>” (without the quotes) where <update code> is the code we sent via email. NOTE: you can select the code in the email message (highlight select and then ^C), and then paste it on the command prompt by click on the right mouse button, and then choosing “Paste”.

Transferring a Software License to a Dongle

If you purchase a licensing dongle after you already have a running software license, we will ship you the licensing dongle without licensing information on it. Once you receive the dongle, do the following to transfer your software license to the dongle:


1.    Install dongle driver per above instructions.

2.    On a command prompt, type “<install root>\bin\jumpstart_helper –DONGLE:2“ (without the quotes). This transfers the software license from the PC to the dongle.