Our experience since releasing our first compiler in 1994 is that most compiler “bug reports” are in fact not actually defects with our compilers. If you are not experienced with Standard C or embedded systems programming, please refer to a good C tutorial book or websites for help, or try the C FAQ site


Email sent to is the best method to contact us. We will usually get back to you within the same day, and sometimes even in the same hour or minute. We have built our reputation based on excellent support.


Before contacting us, find out the version number of the software by selecting “About JumpStart C++ for Cortex” in the Help menu.


Sometimes we will request that you send us your project files so we may duplicate a problem. If possible, please use a zip utility to include all your project files, including your own header files, in a single email attachment. If you cannot send us the entire project when requested, it is usually sufficient if you can construct a compilable function and send that to us. Please do not send us any files unless requested.


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Our postal address and telephone numbers are:

ImageCraft Inc.

2625 Middlefield Rd, #685

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(650) 493-9326 (email is preferred due to volume of spam calls)

E-mail support questions to


If you have purchased our product from one of our international distributors, you may wish to query them for support first.