What is JumpStart C++ for Cortex

JumpStart C++ for Cortex is a C/C++ development environment for ARM’s Cortex devices. ImageCraft’s focus is on providing the best-in-class tools for embedded Cortex-M microcontrollers (MCU) from different silicon vendors.


The product consists of:


·         An integrated development environment (IDE), which provides the visual GUI for the rest of the development tools. The IDE is based on the open source CodeBlocks, with modifications by ImageCraft to make it more user friendly.

The CodeBlocks IDE provides project and workspace management, a syntax highlight editor, project building, code browsing and other modern features one would expect from an IDE.


·         A compiler. In a deviation from ImageCraft’s previous compiler products, JumpStart C++ for Cortex is built around GCC, an industry standard C/C++ compiler. Note that the IDE provides project building features, and the users do not write makefiles.

By leveraging GCC, users can use example code and the large amount of library code available on the web.


·         A visual debugger. The integrated debugger, JDB, is written from the ground up to provide excellent user experience. The IDE’s built-in editor is used for breakpoints, line stepping etc. Advanced capabilities such as I/O register and memory viewing, code tracing, etc. are provided in the Advanced Debug Toolbar window, leaving the main IDE windows uncluttered.