To demonstrate all the JumpStart API features including ADC, I2C, SPI, and DMA, you would need additional hardware that uses those features. ImageCraft’s JumpStart MicroBox is an Arduino-style extension board that includes a number of devices that can be used to demonstrate these features. Version one of the MicroBox is currently sold out. We will release a new version if customer demand warrants. Please email if you are interested in purchasing version two of the board.

[1] Although if you do use CubeMX, JumpStart C++ for Cortex can import a CubeMX project directly.

[2] Which when using JumpStart API, is just one different argument to the SetSystemClock function, rather than many lines of low-level code.

[3] A WFI (“Wait For Interrupt”) instruction puts the CPU to sleep and only resumes when there is an interrupt. Note that in this case, the interrupt could be from any source, and not just from a keystroke being entered. Therefore, the program still tests to see if there is a character available before calling getchar.

[4] This is an artifact of the I2C protocol. The actual protocol uses ab 8-bit address, but the lowest bit is only used to specify whether it is a read or a write operation. Some vendors use the 7-bit address as it is arguably more correct, but other vendors use the 7 bits + 0 lower bit for an 8-bit address.