Using REXIS with JumpStart API (JSAPI)

All the provided STM32F411 examples use JSAPI. You can use REXIS in JSAPI projects with the following notes:


1.    JSAPI is written in C++ and must be called from C++ source files. The header file rexis_api.h is also compatible with C++ so you can call REXIS API in C++ source files (REXIS API functions are declared as extern ā€œCā€ functions).

2.    REXIS functions can be written in C or C++. Just keep in mind that a .cpp C++ file referencing a C function defined in another file must declare that function using the extern ā€œCā€ keywords.


3.    JSAPI also uses the SysTick timer handler. You can let the JSAPI SysTick handler be the default handler, and then add a hook:




Because the default for the JSAPI SysTick timer is 1ms, a stub (named mySysTick_Handler above) must be used:


void mySysTick_Handler(void)


      static int i = 0;


      if (i++ % 10 == 0)




This causes rexis_SysTick_Handler be called every 10ms. You may also change the JSAPI SysTick timer to interrupt every 10ms, in which case, you can write


// Set up a 10mS system tick timer


jsapi_cortex_core.SysTick_Timer ( SYSTICK_HUNDREDTHSECOND );




directly, without an intermediary function.