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  • JumpStart C for AVR STD

STD (Standard) License for JumpStart C for AVR.

Supported platforms: Windows XP through Windows 10

Main Features:

  • Loads fast, runs fast, professional yet easy-to-use.
  • Supports all tinyAVR (with SRAM), AVR, megaAVR, and XMEGA devices.
  • IDE with workspace/project management, syntax-aware features, code browsing, code completion, etc.
  • No need to write linker command files. Select the target device by name, and our tools do the rest.
  • Fast ANSI C conformant compilers written from the ground up (not based on GCC), optimized for microcontroller targets.
  • Full set of compiler tools including C compiler, assembler, linker and library file manager.
  • Produces standard format output files, interspersed C and asm listing files, and symbolic debug files.
  • Machine-Independent Optimization:
    • Algebraic simplification.
    • Switch statement optimization.
  • Automatic generation of AVR bit instructions and other AVR-specific instructions.
  • Native debugger, integrated with the IDE.
  • Built-in flash downloader.
  • Integrated JumpStart Debugger (separate license required to enable full functionality)

 Code size limited to 64K bytes of flash.

JumpStart C for AVR STD

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