Coming Soon! JumpStart IoT is a set of ready-to-use software components that lets you connect embedded systems to the Internet.

JumpStart IoT core components are:

  • The REXIS multitasking kernel. Simple to use with a minimal learning curve.
    • Low memory and runtime overhead.
    • Tasks are just C functions (running a forever loop).
    • Priority-based preemptive scheduling: it just works out of the box without requiring complicated configuration.
    • Includes Messaging, MUTEX and semaphores, and tasking API.
    • Interrupt handler safe API.
  • lwIP TCP/IP stack. Industry standard TCP/IP stack with both low-level and high-level (e.g.: sockets) API. Support for DHCP, IPv4, and IPv6. Fully integrated with REXIS.
  • mbedTLS library. TLS 1.2 compatible security layer.
  • MQTT, NTP, etc. application layers.
  • Forthcoming: AWS and other Cloud service integration examples.

Benefits To The Users

  • REXIS+lwIP can save you months of development time, giving you the features, performance and robustness that get your products out to market faster.
  • lwIP is one of the most widely used open source TCP/IP stacks used in many commercial applications. It is in active development since early 2000s with a healthy user and developer community.
  • REXIS and other non-Open Source components available as binary and source for Cortex-M3, M4, and M7 MCUs (Cortex-M0 support forthcoming).
  • Easy to port to different MCUs. SysTick timer is the only timer used. One only needs to port the Ethernet hardware interface to use it.
  • Minimal impact on interrupt performance.
  • Inexpensive non-royalty based licensing fee.


  • NC - $99: binary release for REXIS and other non-Open Source components. Non-commercial use only. Includes one hour of consulting.
  • STD - $999: source and binary releases for REXIS and other non-Open Source components. Includes 3 hours of consulting. License to use on one product.
  • PRO - $9999: same as STD, with license to use on unlimited number of products from one company.

Additional Optional Services and Support

ImageCraft offers consulting, custom firmware development, and additional support for the JumpStart IoT at competitive pricing. Please send inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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