REXIS  0.10

REXIS (Real-time EXecutive for Intelligent Systems) is a message passing executive kernel. Its main features are:
1- Round robin priority based preemptive scheduling, providing fast real-time performance.
2- Message passing primitives provide synchronizing and interprocess communication capabilities, minimizing the problem with asynchronous events and data copying.
3- Mutex for exclusive resource access.
4- Both message passing and mutex use priority inheritance to prevent deadlocks due to priority inversion.
5- Efficient use of Cortex MCU resources. Kernel functions run in handler mode with the system stack, and tasks run in thread/user mode with each task having its own process stack.
6- Includes memory allocator with resource automatically tracked by the executive, and allocated resource can be reclaimed via a single kernel call.
7- Kernel calls done with SVC instructions.