Next-gen IDE followups

Lots of great comments on the last post here and on our mailing lists. Let me elaborate on the subject: To address why working on the IDE at all when a simple one suffices: it is definitely the case that ImageCraft will continue to place the most emphasis on compilers. The thing to keep in mind is that the resources that can work on compiler backends are usually not the same as the ones that can work on GUI and IDE. Hence working on the next-gen IDE will not take away resources from the compiler development. (I will write another […]

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Next-Gen IDE

We released our first Windows IDE around 1996, V3 of our compilers. It was one of the earliest Windows GUI for an embedded compiler at the time. The look and feel of the IDE remained generally the same up through V5 of the tool release. Around 2000, we released the V6 compilers and rewrote the IDE to be fully 32-bit. The V7 IDE, released around 2005, has been largely the same as the V6 look-and-feel wise. For various reasons, we believe it is time to rethink our IDE strategy. “More pretty” is always a Good Thing. “More code assistant features”

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