eMOS for AVR Released

doc: http://www.imagecraft.com/pub/emos_avr.pdf
zip: http://www.imagecraft.com/pub/emos_avr.zip

The zip file is the demo version. You are limited to up to 5 tasks. Currently you will need to unzip the content in a temporary directory and then copy the files:

copy *.h c:\iccv7avr\include
copy lib*.a c:\iccv7avr\lib

When we release the next AVR compiler demo update, the files will be incorporated directly.

We really feel that eMOS is a very useful tool. The core features of preemptive multitasking and message passing are nice, but we also carefully added additional features such as stack checking, virtual watchdog, and system call error checking, which can save you significantly amount of debugging time. Please check out the documentation or the demo and see for yourselve.

Our next port is probably either the MSP430 (the system idle task hook is ideal for low power systems) or ARM. Let me know if you have interest in either port.

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One Response to eMOS for AVR Released

  1. sarath says:

    Does this eMOS demo only works with Image craft compiler.
    I want to try this with AVRGCC. Does it work, if so what changes do I need to make.

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