New Year, New Challenges, New Plans

One aspect being a small company is that we can and often need to move fast. Back in 1996 or so, we were one of the first embedded compiler companies to have  a presence on the web. To wit, guess how many variation of imagecraft and imagecraftXYZ .com .net etc. are out there?

In response to the current financial situation, we need to make changes in our plans. First and foremost, we will continue the path began by the eMOS release – we will add more software stacks to our offering. It makes sense for the customers and it makes sense for us business wise. The plan is still to release eMOS for the MSP430 next, and then SD/FAT support next.

Core IDE enhancement wise, the plan for the next-gen IDE has changed. We have decided that the best option is tokeep our IDE, which is nice and simple, and a) integrate a new editor engine with more modern features (e.g. code folding), b) update the look and feel with more modern looking icons, and c) add more user friendly features. We have decided to leverage the Open Source Scintilla editing engine which supports all the modern editing features.

In the MSP430X support front, we will release a new version of the MSP430 tools that support > 64K function calls first, without the additional support for the other new 430X instructions. Those will be added later. The > 64K support is the most important and this allows us to make a release sooner rather than later.

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  1. Daniel Peters says:

    Agreed! Bring the MSP430 >64K support asap and add the rest later 🙂 Thanks for the news on the goodies coming down the pipeline.

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