And Then There is One Less….

Embedded compiler and tool companies are endangered species. When I first joined Whitesemiths, the whole C compiler market was still new. Since then, there must have been at least a dozen DOS/Windows C compiler companies that have come and gone, and probably even more embedded C compiler companies have disappeared in the same period.

A popular trend is for silicon vendors to buy up compiler companies, nominally to ensure that they have full support for their chips. Motorola bought Hiware a few years back, and now Microchip just purchased Hi-Tech software.

Among embedded compiler companies that support multiple platforms, we are among a small handful of survivors. We understand the difficulties facing us.  We have been in business since 1994 and expect to be around for quite a bit longer. The economic situation made us re-examine our business model and development strategiesand we think that we can remain independent and continue to be successful.

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