Cortex Compiler Alpha Review

The ImageCraft Cortex V8 compiler is now in good enough shape to show to the world. Please click on the “ARM Cortex Compiler Tools” button on our site to visit the Cortex compiler page and to download the Alpha Review-1. The page will be updated with link to beta releases and production release later.¬†Of course do expect rough edges everywhere.

V8 Cortex compiler is similar to the V8 AVR product. The installer is new and we will migrate the next V8 AVR (8.05.01) to use that as well.

With the exception of bitfields, structures, and floating point, the compiler toolchain works.

As we have not finished with the device startup code and other bootstrap support, the Alpha Preview is only good for checking out the look and feel of the product. You can also create projects and build and examine the .lst files.

We expect to support the NXP mBed platform initially at Beta so some user testing can be done at that time. We have tested the code generation extensively using our internal tools.

We are running a pre-production sales of 50% off for the Cortex licenses. If you think you will need the Cortex compiler in a few months, it’s a good way to save and to support us.

Please visit the Cortex page for more details.


In another news, we have also just released 8.05.00 version of the AVR product. Notably, we have rewritten the mixed arithmetic type optimization and it is now more robust and effective. It’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade for everyone.

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