Happy Holidays and 18% Off Until End of the Year

Hello, in 2018 we saw some exciting developments at ImageCraft. To celebrate, we are offering 18% off until end of the year. Use coupon code BYE2018 when you check out. Follow the instructions here: https://imagecraft.com/buy/how-to-use-coupon-code

We always appreciate your support. If you like ImageCraft products, please tell your friends and colleagues. AVR users who wish to keep the maintenance up to date, or legacy compiler users who wish to support us, can do so by purchasing an annual maintenance for just $50! Now on to the news and plans…

We had a successful launch of JumpStart C++ for Cortex, continuing our tradition of providing easy to use professional tools, and now we can also leverage industry standard third party stacks. The first sight of what’s to come is the introduction of ST CubeMX project import, which allows users to use the graphical configuration tool from ST, and then use the generated project with JumpStart C++ for Cortex. JumpStart C++ for Cortex is also supported by the simple easy to use JumpStart API so you can get productive with Cortex development in a matter of hours and days, and not weeks and months. 

Then in October, in preparation of releasing a supported product based on lwIP, an industry standard open source TCP/IP stack, we released REXIS, an RTOS that is powerful but yet easy to use. You have a few choices for Cortex development, but none combines our ease of use, professional features, and developer-friendly licensing and pricing terms.

With the purchase of Atmel by Microchip, the state of AVR development tools from Microchip/Atmel is in flux. We are committed to best in class development tools and we will be releasing JumpStart C for AVR updates in 2019 that will continue to support the existing and new AVRs. Remember both our AVR and Cortex tools come with integrated visual debugger, giving you a complete development environment.

Earlier in the year, we released the revolutionary Smart.IO product, allowing embedded users to add phone app U/I to a project without wireless or app coding experience. We will continue to evolve this exciting product in 2019.

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