FileSys and SD modules, plus eMOS update

First, a quick update on eMOS: we have modified the eMOS_MsgReceive function to include a timeout value, so that the call may timeout if no message is received within the specified time period. A couple minor functions are also added. See the doc for details.

// EDIT: yes, the goal is to support both FAT16 and FAT32. Long File Name under FAT32 may require end user to pay Microsoft a licensing fee of $0.25 per copy used, or we may support a different LFN implemenation

We are now looking into our first plug-in module for eMOS, which is a file system and SD driver. We will probably also include a standalone version that does not require eMOS. The eMOS version will of course fully support multitasking.

In terms of API, the obvious choice for the FS is in fact the stdio.h C API, in summary:

(more under the …more…)


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Propeller Bundles – Buy A Compiler, Get a Free Board…

For limited time, we are offering a free Propeller Demo Board when you purchase a Propeller C compiler, both the -NC and STD versions. This is the same board that retails for $80. This is a great way to get into C programming for the Propeller. Take advantage of the sales now, while supplies last. Go to our website,, click on Hardware, then “Special Price Bundles,” and select the version you want.

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-NC Non Commercial Use License and Low Cost Hardware Bundles

We have released -NC Non Commercial Use license for all the V7 products. In addition, we have created some very attractively priced bundle kits – perfect for people starting embedded development. For more information, click on the “Harwdare” button on our website, then “Special Price Bundle Kits.”

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