New Server and Other Status

We have moved the ImageCraft blog from wordpress to our own server.

Product news wise, we are now finishing up the XGate assembler support for the CPU12 compiler. The XGate is an independent RISC processor available on some Freescale CPUS12X devices. It can offload a lot of tasks that otherwise would cause interrupts to the main CPU and degrade the main CPU’s performance.

While Freescale’s main focus is in the automative and other industrial applications, the CPUS12 and follow-on series can still be quite useful in general embedded designs. The prices for the Freescale S12/S12X chips may be higher than some of their competitors’ products, but they may just have the right mix of technology, price and performance to meet your needs. And now with the addition of the XGate assembler, you can take advantage of this capability in your design. We plan to release this support in the next version update of the ICC12 product in November 2010.

After that, we will be full speed on our V8 Cortex-M compiler release.

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