2011 Year End Message

Whoosh! — That’s the sound of 2011 flying by. :-) Here at ImageCraft, we would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and hopefully a very Prosperous New Year. May your code run correctly the first time, and your hardware designs perform without any faults.

AVR Compilers

In 2011, we released a new USB licensing dongle for the V8 AVR compiler. “Eating our own dog food”;  it contains an AVR board utilizing our own firmware. It does not require additional USB drivers, and is also much more flexible than the older V6/V7 dongles.

We have enhanced the AVR compiler code compression to work with M256x or larger devices. For those who are pushing the limits of 256K-bytes flash, this should generally give you another 10-15% more code space!

We added a subset of MISRA, as well as lint checking: both of which have proven to be quite useful to uncover latent bugs.

Internally, we have created a new version of the PRO compiler that more aggressively accomplishes 8-bit optimizations. We expect to release that in Feb 2012 or so. This should decrease code size requirements by a few percentage points.

Additionally, the V8 CodeBlocks IDE continues to acquire new features. In the next few months, we expect to have a new release based on the current CodeBlocks 10.5 codebase, and also to add direct support spaces in file paths without resorting to using the Windows ‘short file name’ mechanism. This will also make it easier for us to eventually port our compilers to Linux and Mac when we are ready.

Cypress PSoC1 Compilers

We continue to provide support for the STD compiler for the Cypress PSoC Designer environment. The PRO compiler, which you may purchase from our website, also received updates this year. We have a number of new optimizations that we expect to roll out in 2012.

ARM Cortex Compilers

ARM Cortex compiler development is proceeding nicely. We have a prototype IDE based on the 10.5 CodeBlocks code. We have now completed the basic compiler toolchain to the point where we can run some significant tests. By leveraging our own compiler instead of relying on GCC, we will have better control for providing the features that embedded engineers need.
Other big news: ImageCraft has decided to write our own Cortex debugger as well. Written from the ground up for embedded users, it will be fully integrated with the CodeBlocks IDE. Our main objective is to provide a hassle-free out of-the-box user experience for users of popular JTAG pods and Cortex M0/M3 devices, so having our own debugger is integral to the success of this plan.

In Closing

As the global economy emerges from the recession, and with the rise of Cortex dominance in the embedded market space, 2012 looks to be an exciting and productive year at ImageCraft.
Thank you all very much for your support!! :-)

// richard

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