2012 Year End Message

Dear customers of ImageCraft,

After starting to regain ground in 2010-2011, the Semiconductor sector seems to have stalled again in 2012. Nevertheless, some of our customers are now telling us that their clients are asking them to resume work on products that have not been touched in the last 5 years, so I do see that as a sign that recovery is happening. Lets hope 2013 is a more positive year for all.

ImageCraft’s big news is the release of our ARM Cortex-M and the integrated debugger. Our V8 IDE now has all the major features you would expect from a modern IDE. This puts us in a good position for 2013.

In 2013, our focus will be on increased ease of use, and broadening our middleware offerings.

In terms of ease of use and new features for the AVR compiler, we will be releasing CRC, production elf file generation for the AVR compiler in Jan 2013, and in H1 2013 we plan to release function inlining, and revamped 64-bit double support, plus 64-bit long long.

The Cortex compiler will be getting function inlining and 64-bit double support.

There is still potential in the CPU12 market. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources and the low Return of Investment on the XGATE improvements we made to the CPU12 compilers, until we see that potential grow, it’s unlikely that we will work on the CPU12 compiler in the immediate future.

As for middleware, the key market is clearly the Cortex-M. We have some ideas that we will be working on in H1 2013 that could potentially open up the market for us.

Lastly, we decided to change the AVR compiler editions and pricing to match those of the Cortex-M compiler: the compiler now comes in STD ($249) and PRO ($499). Most of the new features will only be made for the PRO edition. Existing ADV users are still supported as before with no change, but of course upgrading to PRO edition is encouraged.

As always, we wish you the best new year, and if you have comments and suggestions, please feel free to email us.

Happy 2013.

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Another Milestone – We Now Have Our Own Debugger

Since establishing ImageCraft in 1994, we were one of the first, if not the first embedded compiler to include a Windows IDE. In 2009, our V8 release moved our IDE to the latest technological base when we adapted CodeBlocks. However, we still did not have our own debugger.

Until Now.

ICCV8 for Cortex V8.03.00 now includes an integrated debugger IDB. With a Segger Jlink unit, one click and the IDE will rebuild the project, flash download the program and start the debugger for you. All without writing linker command files or complicated debug pod configuration file.

IDB is fully functional under the PRO license and limited to one breakpoint and 64K program under -NC/STD/DEMO licenses.

We strive to provide the a combination of professional features, ease of use and cost benefits to our customers with our excellent technical support. With this release, we have moved the bar higher still.

The Press Release, also available here. Feel free to forward to anyone who may be interested.

Thank You.


December 3, 2012
ImageCraft‘s ICCV8 for Cortex is a Windows-hosted C cross compiler for the ARM Cortex M devices. Built from the ground up, ICCV8 for Cortex includes a state-of-the-art IDE, C compiler tools and integrated debugger. In interfacing with the industry-standard Segger Jlink JTAG/SWD emulators, ICCV8 for Cortex provides seamless flash programming and debugging for all major Cortex M3 devices without complicated driver installation or trial-and-error configuration.

The C compiler accepts C89 Standard C with C99 extensions, and performs device-specific optimizations and function-level global optimizations. The ImageCraft Debugger (IDB) is likewise developed in-house, and is fully integrated with our compiler and IDE to provide the best out-of-the-box user experience.
The IDE is based on Open Source CodeBlocks with modern IDE features such as code folding, project management etc. With ImageCraft’s modifications, there is no need for any linker command file; the user needs only to select the target device by name.

Another ease-of-use IDE feature is flash programming capability and debugging with Segger Jlink units without installing unusual system software or writing complicated configuration files. A single button click causes the IDE to build the project (if necessary), download the code to the device, and start the debugger.
A 45-day fully functional demo is available on ImageCraft’s website. ICCV8 for Cortex is competitively priced at $249 for the STD edition / $499 for the PRO edition (includes IDB.)

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