FreeRTOS, __inline now supported in our Cortex compiler

Our Cortex compiler now supports __inline keyword, CMSIS V3 and now includes a port of FreeRTOS for the STM32. Check out our fully functional 45 day demo.

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Earliest C Compiler now on Github

The very first C compiler available “in the wild” written by Dennis Ritchie (“dmr”) is now on Github. Could be interesting to port it to compile under a modern compiler.

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Silicon Labs Acquires Energy Micro

Energy Micro is a fairly major ARM Cortex MCU player in Europe, and its line has just been acquired by Silicon Labs.

The Ancient History o C

C was developed at Bell Labs on a PDP-11 by Dennis Ritchie. As soon as it was running on multiple (i.e. more than one) machines, then the nascent “document processing” OS named Unix was rewritten in C by Ken Thompson in a matter of months. Bell Lab released Version 6 Unix outside of Bell Lab and along with it, the influence of C grew.

ICCAVR gets 64-bit double support in printf

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One common concession to C Standard on typical 8-bit embedded compilers is that double data type is 32 bits and not 64 bits as required by the standard. Since 8-bit CPU microcontrollers are usually limited by both memory size and clock speed, this is an acceptable tradeoff. However, some of these 8-bit micros are growing in size and speed, driven by the complexity of the firmware.

We added 64-bit double support a couple years back, and now we are adding full printf (e.g. %f, %g, %e”) support on the AVR compiler as well. As usual, this is optional and we even have different versions of the underlying conversion to string function depending on whether you want full range/precision support or faster execution.

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