PRESS RELEASE: CorStarter™-STM32, ARM Cortex™-M3 C Starter Kit for $99

Available October 31st, 2013: ImageCraft’s CorStarter™-STM32 is a complete 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M3 C Development Kit for $99. It includes all the hardware and software to develop and debug C programs in a simple to use package.

The CorStarter-STM32 base board, powered by a 72-Mhz STM32 device with 256K flash and 64K SRAM, is more than 20 times faster than 8-bit AVR Arduino boards. With 8-bit Arduino Shield compatible headers, hundreds of Arduino Shields may be used to expand the capabilities of the system. Remaining IO pins are brought out to the header, allowing access to the full power of 32-bit embedded computing. The hardware design files for the CorStarter-STM32 base board are Open Source.

A choice of either the industrial standard Segger JLINK-Edu or ST-LINK/V2 (for ST devices only) provides fast code download and hardware debugging support. These JTAG/SWD pods allow full access to Cortex™-M devices and seamless debugging without source code modification.

To complement the hardware, the Kit also includes an ImageCraft Non-Commercial C compiler (ICCV8 for Cortex™) license. The C compiler includes a professional IDE with an integrated flash downloader and source level debugger. The compiler can be used for other Cortex™-M development projects as well. Finally, the Kit includes example projects and libraries for various Arduino Shields.

The CorStarter-STM32 base board can be purchased by itself for $45.

A companion college-level embedded system programming textbook will be available in Spring 2014.

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Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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