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Repost of “Embedded Market Survey on RTOS Uses”

The following was written in April 2018 at the “other” blog platform. This has some relevance as we will be officially releasing “JumpStart IoT” which includes REIXS, our preemptive multi-priority RTOS. _______________________________________________________________________ If one examines the 2017 Embedded Market Study … Continue reading

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Competing with "Free" Software

Tough Survivors As I said in the last blog entry, independent embedded C/C++ compiler companies are becoming rare birds. Of the independent companies that support multiple platforms, besides us ImageCraft, there are Green Hills (US), IAR (SE), Cosmic (FR), Rowley … Continue reading

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Product Development Update

There are only about 50-100 assembly lines (if that) in the core executive portion of eMOS, but like all other executives, it takes blood, sweat, and tear to get it right. After a night of hardcore debugging, I am happy … Continue reading

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eMOS for TI MSP430

We are now porting eMOS to the TI MSP430. The TI MSP430 excels at minimizing power consumption, and with eMOS’ system hooks to shut down the system when it is quiescent, eMOS is a good fit for the MSP430 family. … Continue reading

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eMOS for AVR Released

doc: http://www.imagecraft.com/pub/emos_avr.pdf zip: http://www.imagecraft.com/pub/emos_avr.zip The zip file is the demo version. You are limited to up to 5 tasks. Currently you will need to unzip the content in a temporary directory and then copy the files: copy *.h c:\iccv7avr\include copy … Continue reading

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More on eMOS

I have updated the “eMOS White Paper” entry with the current list of API. Please check it if you are interested. The tentative pricing is as follows. The initial port will be to the Atmel AVR, to be followed by … Continue reading

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eMOS Whitepaper

eMOS – an embedded message passing real time OS eMOS is a real time OS for embedded systems with a preemptive message passing kernel at its core. The message passing API provides a uniform model for supporting additional software stacks … Continue reading

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New ad and new products, oh my!

We just submitted a new ad to Circuit Cellar Inc. It should appear in their Nov issue. (Note: the young woman demonstrating her eBox kit IS a student, not a professional model. 🙂 ) Meanwhile, we have a few new … Continue reading

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In the Beginning…

Our first compiler product was a low cost ($39!!!) C compiler for the HC11. The ’11 was great for its time: the documentation is a standard that most CURRENT microcontroller documents could take lessons from; the chip was easy to … Continue reading

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