Privacy Policy and GDPR

We do not store any customer’s credit card information in any form. Credit card transactions are performed using a gateway API to the card processor company without recording the information anywhere in our system.

If you create a login on the ImageCraft webshops or blog ( or, the account data you enter is stored only on our local server in the USA. No data is ever stored on a cloud server such as AWS. Only the data you enter is stored, and we do not correlate the data you enter with any other information source. All data is stored in password-protected databases.

We do not share or sell your information to anyone else. No one other than ImageCraft has access to the data you give us. We may occasionally send you an email regarding our company and new product developments.

We do not track your web, browser, or any other usage patterns.

We have never had a data breach.

4 Responses to Privacy Policy and GDPR

  1. kunilkuda says:

    Actually, I doubt if this one is the real ImageCraft blog..I though the big companies always have their own website (and blog).

  2. imagecraft says:

    Well, if you look at, on the menu buttons on the left, there is a link to the blog 🙂

    // richard

  3. C.W. says:


    I am the ImageCraft Web Designer, and this is at the current time how we have chosen to set up the ImageCraft Blog, due to expediency. 🙂 The link to this blog is directly accessible from the main menu on the company website, This can be easily verified, please check. 🙂

    — C.W.

  4. ImageCraft’s Consulting Designer here – as of Fall 2018 we’re dusting this place off and taking the sheets off the furniture. Now where’s the vacuum cleaner?

    – Kurt G.

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