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Embedded GCC Libraries: newlib vs. nanolib

C/C++ compilers include a set of standard functions to be linked with user programs. They are called libc and libc++ respectively. For GCC, they are also called glibc and glibc++ (in the rest of this post, I would use glibc … Continue reading

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2018-Q4 GNU Embedded ARM objcopy “64-bit address… out of range” Error

From time to time, we refresh the GNU Embedded ARM compiler (GCC) in our JumpStart C++ with the latest stable GNU release. Earlier in 2019, we refreshed GCC to the 2018-Q4 release. Surprisingly, our testing showed a failure immediately: objcopy.exe: … Continue reading

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Removing Bootloader Protection On The AdaFruit Metro / Arduino Zero / SAMD21

The Microchip/Atmel SAMD21G18A is a powerful Cortex M0+ based MCU with 256K flash and 32K of SRAM. It’s used in the Arduino Zero as well as the Adafruit Metro and Feather lines of development boards, and is becoming a popular … Continue reading

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Cortex-M Debug Pods

In this article, we will examine some of the more popular Cortex-M hardware debug pods (also called debug probes), which are hardware devices necessary for debugging firmware on a Cortex-M based MCU. Overview of Debugging In the “good old days”, … Continue reading

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Cortex Compiler: Vendor SDK

A strength of Cortex-M based MCUs is that the core CPU is designed by ARM Inc., while silicon vendors license the core design and then put their own I/O peripherals around it. With all major MCU vendors supporting the Cortex … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays and 18% Off Until End of the Year

Hello, in 2018 we saw some exciting developments at ImageCraft. To celebrate, we are offering 18% off until end of the year. Use coupon code BYE2018 when you check out. Follow the instructions here:

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REXIS Logo Revealed!

REXIS (Real-time EXecutive for Intelligent Systems) has been released, and now we have a branding logo! RAWRRRR! Thanks to the awesome graphic designer Kurt, from Fantastic Realities Studio!

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REXIS Sale Specials!

Happy Thanksgiving! The first public release of REXIS is now available, as part of V9.07.00 of JumpStart C++ for Cortex, which you can download by clicking on the link. ImageCraft creates different REXIS editions to fulfill the different needs of … Continue reading

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Synchronous Message Passing and REXIS Benchmarking

If you have read the blog on REXIS Examples, or the REXIS documentation, you may have noticed that REXIS supports synchronous message passing API, in addition to the more common asynchronous messaging with mailboxes. Synchronous message passing is not a … Continue reading

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Debugger Sales

Up to $100 OFF! Even though we released the AVR and the Cortex-M debuggers a number of years ago, apparently some of our users do not know about it. JDB debugger is fully integrated with the CodeBlocks IDE, and contains … Continue reading

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