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Competing with "Free" Software

Tough Survivors As I said in the last blog entry, independent embedded C/C++ compiler companies are becoming rare birds. Of the independent companies that support multiple platforms, besides us ImageCraft, there are Green Hills (US), IAR (SE), Cosmic (FR), Rowley … Continue reading

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eMOS for AVR Released

doc: http://www.imagecraft.com/pub/emos_avr.pdf zip: http://www.imagecraft.com/pub/emos_avr.zip The zip file is the demo version. You are limited to up to 5 tasks. Currently you will need to unzip the content in a temporary directory and then copy the files: copy *.h c:\iccv7avr\include copy … Continue reading

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Being the Target

We don’t talk about our competitors much, if at all, because we believe any potential users can make the best decisions by us providing fully functional demo and they can see how well our tools fit their needs. Our dinosaur … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero and the ImageCraft AVR C Compiler

One of the hottest console games currently is Guitar Hero. It’s hugely entertaining and you get to enjoy some good music. On the downside, it doesn’t have anything to do with playing real guitar per se as the primary task … Continue reading

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