We Can Help!

Are your embedded or language translator ("compiler") projects running into headwinds? Are you falling behind in your schedule? Do you have "unsolvable bugs"? If so, ImageCraft can help. Each ImageCraft consultant has decades of experience with hardware and software design and development. We have built many dozens of commercial products that are being used directly and indirectly every day by tens or hundreds of thousands of people. We have the skills and experience to help make YOUR project a reality.

What We Do:

Let us be part of your team and get your products to market quickly. We can provide additional development resources when needed and help with:

Who We Are:

Mark Barber, founder of Extron Design. 

Mark is our crack hardware designer. He has extensive experience with electronic design, schematic design, PCB design work, and 3D plastics design. Through Mark's connections, we have formed strong relationships with many quality manufacturers in US, Australia and overseas.  

Richard Man, cofounder and technical director of ImageCraft.

Richard has many years of experiencing with firmware and compiler development, and project/product management. You can view Richard's resume/CV here.

Key Skills

Sid Price is an experienced firmware and hardware design engineer. His most recent projects include 

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