Our licensing policy is very simple: it boils down to "One User, One License". When you purchase a license, you are given a serial number, e.g. CTX9S18101. The initial characters identify the compiler license which you have purchased. To run the compiler on a particular PC, we generate a software key specific to that PC based on your serial number. We will generate additional keys on request for a single user working on multiple machines (e.g.: a desktop plus a laptop). We also replace lost keys due to machine loss or upgrades. Please send requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Optional USB licensing dongles are available for purchase in our online shop.

Unlike subscription models, our license does not expire. However, starting in 2018, ImageCraft is adding a subscription for support. Purchasing a compiler license includes one year (Standard or STD license) or six months (Non-Commercial or NC license) of this support subscription. If your support subscription is current, you are eligible to upgrade to the current update of your compiler version just by installing the demo from our site, and you are eligible for email support. 

If you choose not to keep current with the support subscription, you can still run our compilers, just not the ones that have been released after your subscription expires, and no technical support will be provided except for lost license key replacement.

Support subscriptions are available for one year or six months, and are priced (*) approximately 50% and 25% of the license purchase price.

(*) Prices are subject to change.

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