Smart.IO User Guide: V1.0 (2018/06/22) in browseable webhelp format.

Smart.IO API is now documented in browseable Doxygen format: V0.1 2018/02/25 is available here.


The Host Interface Layer code for STM32F4xx written in GCC and STM LL library is now on github: Both generic makefile and JumpStart CodeBlocks IDE project files are included.

SmartConnect is an inexpensive PCB that connects a Smart.IO module to a ST-Nucleo board. It will be for sale in early November, or you can make you own by using the Gerber PCB files here:


Smart.IO Schematic in PDF

Arduino Shield for Smart.IO Schematic in PDF

MCU Datasheet

BlueNRG1 Datasheet from ST in PDF

Sell Sheets

JPG sell sheet

PDF sell sheet

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