CorStarter Kit  and  other  ARM® Cortex-M hardware

CorStarter - V1 sold out, V2 coming SOON

NOTE: Due to the imminent release of CorStarter Kit V.2:

NEW! Sample C programming book chapters are now available for free download:

The complete book will be available as part of the CorStarter V2 package (ebook format), and for separate purchase (ebook or printed book).

Video: Intro to the JumpStart Cortex C Compiler - please click here

Cortex development tools IDE_1

ImageCraft’s CorStarter™STM32

Complete 32bit ARM Cortex™M3 C Development Kit for $99, including all the hardware AND software to develop and debug C programs in a simple to use package.

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Quick Starter Guide (includes schematics) Here Opens in new browser window.
(If your copy of the Quick Start Guide is older than this version: 2014-01-15 , please download the guide again for up-to-date information.

Cortex Compiler Licensing Instructions Here

Data Sheet Here Opens in new browser window.

Why CorStarter-STM32? Competitive Analysis Here Opens in new browser window.

CorStarter is an ideal kit for educational use; see why Here Opens in new browser window.
Volume discount for school classroom use is also available - please feel free to contact us.


CorStarter Version 1 Kits - SOLD OUT

CorStarter-STM32 with ST-LINK/V2
plus Non-Commercial JumpStart C Compiler Tools (including debugger)
Upgrade to STANDARD ICCV8 Compiler Tools (replaces Non-Commercial tools)

Upgrade to PROFESSIONAL ICCV8 Compiler Tools (replaces Non-Commercial tools)

CorStarter Version 1 Board Only - SOLD OUT
(The Kit options are not available with purchase of board only)

CorStarter-STM32 base board only

ELMICRO ARM products

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