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  • JumpStart Debugger for AVR (Non-Commercial License)

This license unlocks the full debugger integrated with the JumpStart C Compiler for AVR. To be used with Non-Commercial compiler license only.

  • The JumpStart Debugger is fully integrated into the Imagecraft compiler tool chain and IDE. It provides source-level debugging, breakpoints for target program control, and a rich display of the peripheral devices on the selected MCU. Developed from the ground up by ImageCraft, the JumpStart Debugger provides optimal understanding of the user's code. from the ground up by ImageCraft, the JumpStart Debugger provides optimal understanding of the user's code.

  • Powerful "I/O View" for examining the microcontroller's I/O registers at runtime.

  • Seamless Interface with All modern Atmel Debug Pods: JDB-AVR works with the AVR Dragon, JTAGICE MkII, JTAGICE3, and Atmel-ICE.

  • Better Than AVR Studio 6.2: Working call stack display; tightly coupled to the compiler, which provides the best possible source-level debugging experience.

  • Breakpoints and Stepping: C source breakpoints and stepping are directly supported in the IDE editor window. Enhanced debug window supports both mixed source and assembler level stepping, with stepping into, over, and out of function calls at both the source and assembler levels.

  • Variable Watch: Variable content may be inspected directly in the source window for a quick "peek" at a value, or added to the variable "Watch" view. Support is provided for examining structures, unions, and arrays of all variable types.

  • Call Stack: A dedicated display shows the current state of the "call stack" when the target MCU is paused (using the pause control in the IDE) or when a breakpoint address is reached.

  • Powerful I/O Register View: Allow the users to look at the contents of the microcontroller's I/O register when the MCU is paused. A powerful tool to debug hard-to-find problems.

  • "Poor Man's Trace": Optionally capture all the stepping display in a window and log file, so that you may examine the C and assembly instruction flow.

  • The JumpStart Debugger  comes with the compiler install, but requires a separate license purchase to unlock its full power.


JumpStart Debugger for AVR (Non-Commercial License)

  • Product Code: JDB-AVR-NC
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $50.00

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