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  • Smart.IO with Arduino Shield

(The photo shows the Smart.IO Starter Kit, which also includes the ST-Nucleo board, which is not included in this product.)

The Smart.IO toolkit consists of:

  • A small chip module compatible with any microcontroller.
  • A software API for creating Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects.
  • A programmable smartphone app that requires only a Bluetooth connection to use.

This is the Arduino Shield version of Smart.IO. It includes the Smart.IO chip module and an Arduino compatible shield. The interface layer to the Smart.IO API is included in source code form and also as compiled library for popular MCU platforms including Arduino. The main purpose of the Arduino shield is to interface the Smart.IO module to an Arduino compatible board.

It also has a JTAG/SWD header for fast Smart.IO firmware updates (require separate ST-LINK debug pod).

The App will be downloadable from the Apple Store and from Google Play Store.

Smart.IO with Arduino Shield

  • Product Code: Smart.IO with Arduino Shield
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