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JumpStart Microbox Education Kit for Cortex-M, NC

JumpStart MicroBox is currently out of stock. We are working on V2 and will release it when it is ready!

Comes complete with a Non-Commercial use License of JumpStart C for Cortex-M.
You may not use this compiler for commercial development. For commercial code development, please purchase JumpStart C for Cortex-M STD or PRO license.
Supported platforms: Windows XP through Windows 10

Everything you need to start programming the powerful Cortex®-M in C immediately:

  • STM32 Cortex-M4 Nucleo board from ST with ST-LINK/V2 debug pod.
  • Arduino Compatible Education (ACE™) Shield: LED matrix, OLED display, RTC, micro-SD cartridge, etc.
  • JumpStart C for Cortex®-M compiler license and the new JumpStart API Libraries
  • C for Everyone (ebook) complete textbook-style tutorial reference on C. Unless you are a C Wizard, there is probably information in here that you have not yet encountered.
  • Step-by-step tutorials and example programs

“JumpStart API allows you to focus on the application coding and not ARM coding. In a few minutes I had a configured and working skeleton for my hardware.” 
– M. BarberJumpStart MicroBOX Nucleo Board


The hardware provides everything you need to get started with ARM® Cortex®-M programming. The ST Nucleo board is Arduino form-factor compatible with a powerful Cortex®-M chip and the ST-LINK/V2 debug pod on board.

The Arduino Compatible Education (ACE™) Shield uses all the major peripherals of the powerful Cortex®-M microcontrollers, including: GPIO, timers, PWM, USART, SPI, I2C, ADC and DAC.


The JumpStarter C compiler includes an easy-to-use, fast Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a friendly debugger (separate license required for the debugger). The JumpStart API allows you to get started writing applications without getting bogged down in the tedium of system and peripheral setup.


Start programming the Cortex®-M devices in C immediately by downloading one of the ready-to-run example programs. Complete source code and projects with tutorials included. Learn C by modifying existing projects and following the tutorials.


A textbook-style tutorial reference ebook C for Everyone: The JumpStart Guide to C, written by authors with 30+ years of experience in writing C compilers and providing user support, contains all the information you need to become an effective C programmer.

JumpStart MicroBox-NC

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