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  • ImageCraft is a woman & minority-owned small business located in the heart of the Silicon Valley.
  • "Late to bed and early to rise, work like hell and advertise."
    - Werner Von Braun

ImageCraft was started in 1994. In 1991, Richard Man, the co-founder of ImageCraft, did a master thesis on building an autonomous robot using Subsumption Architecture. The robot, named Ripley, used an HC11 in the control board and was programmed in Whitesmiths HC11 C compiler. Soon after, we decided to start a company to market a commercial version of the Subsumption Architecture based kernel, named REXIS (REal-time eXecutive for Intelligent Systems). Unfortunately, the high prices of HC11 development tools ran counter to the ideal of RTOS for educational robots. So we did the obvious thing: we wrote our own HC11 C compiler and then marketed that for $99.

Our marketing model has always been inspired by Borland's Turbo C. We figured out how best to support large number of customers and we pioneered many firsts in the embedded tools market: we have the first website among the embedded compiler companies (still available on www.archive.org); the first to have a Windows IDE; the first to introduce a whole program compression optimizer; and the first to introduce a visual point and click Application Builder.

Our "edge" has always been look for solutions that real engineers need, charge a reasonable price, and back it up with unparalleled support. We look forward to be your development tools partner for years to come.


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