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(One dongle per license of course. ) Use a USB device to manage your license instead of the default node lock software license. Allows you to use the compiler on more than one machine or safely reformat your system without software license replacement.

Compiler license sold separately, you must have an existing compiler license or purchasing this concurrent with a V6/V7 compiler license. If this is for an existing license, you MUST provide the serial number on checkout. Otherwise, order processing will be delayed until we obtain the information.

This USB dongle is for V6 and V7 compiler:

  • ICCAVR V6 and ICCV7 for AVR
  • ICC12 V6 and ICCV7 for CPU12
  • ICCV7 for MSP430
  • ICCV7 for ARM (ARM7 only, Cortex-M is supported under our JumpStart C for Cortex-M compiler)
  • ICCV7 for Parallax Propeller
  • ICC08, ICC11, ICC16 Motorola/Freescale V6 compilers for HC08, HC11, and HC16 respectively


V6/V7 USB Dongle

  • Product Code: V6/V7 USB Dongle
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $75.00

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