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Prototype with wifi2go, an OEM production-ready module with STM32F411 Cortex-M MCU and TI CC3100 Wifi chip

wifi2go starts shipping in mid-April

Note: you need a JTAG/SWD pod such as ST-LINK/V2 or the Segger JLINK hardware debug pod for downloading/debugging, in addition to the JumpStart C for Cortex-M compiler.

OEM production-ready module with STM32F411 Cortex-M MCU and TI CC3100 Wifi chip:

  • Fully debugged hardware. Plug-n-Go!
  • All-in-One integrated hardware and software package, and optional consulting services from a single source
  • Simplifies programming with JumpStart C for Cortex-M C Tools and JumpStart API
  • Prototype-friendly carrier board
  • Cloud services integration forthcoming with AWS / Google IoT / Azure


  • Prototype and experimenter friendly
  • All the pin connections on the wifi2go are brought out to header pins
  • JTAG/SWD programming / debugging using the ST-LINK/V2 or Segger JLINK through the industry standard 20-pin header
  • A FTDI to USB bridge for virtual COM communication with a Windows host
  • Reset and a user button
  • Special header for programming the CC3100 serial flash on the wifi2go

Features at a Glance

  • Physical dimensions: 35x45mm
  • 4 rows of SMD alignment holes for dropin production PCB assembly and pinout connections
  • Low power: 3.3V regulated supply up to 200mA under full wifi
  • TI CC3100 for robust wifi performance; it is the first device to be WiFi CERTIFIED™ at the chip level (end users must still have their products WiFi CERTIFIED™)
  • 16 Mbits flash for storing wifi profiles and other configuration data
  • 16K Bytes I2C EEPROM
  • External independent watchdog timer
  • On module chip antenna
  • Production programming using TagConnect connector
  • Evaluation carrier boards available for prototyping and evaluation purposes
  • Professional JumpStart C for CortexM available at low cost
  • Simple to use JumpStart API. No need to learn "ins and outs" of wireless technology or deal with low level MCU tedious peripheral setup
  • Simple multitasking executive included
  • Optional eMOS RTOS message passing RTOS available
  • Optionally use your favorite RTOS

Quantity Purchase Options:

  • STM32F070RC MCU (lower cost)
  • UMC connector as external connector


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