ImageCraft's primary products are the JumpStart C compiler tools for Atmel AVR and Cortex-M, the io2gotm IoT development modules, and the JumpStart MicroBox Arduino form factor compatible complete hardware and software kits, especially suited for students/hobbyists or professionals who may be new to the Cortex-M world, to quickly gain proficiency with these powerful 32-bit microcontrollers.

JumpStart C Tools

JumpStart C compiler tools for Atmel AVR and Cortex-M include everything you need to program these powerful microcontrollers: the compiler, the assembler and linker, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and of course the debugger. Our compilers and debuggers are developed in-house by the ImageCraft engineers; they are not based on GCC (and so do not inherit its limitations), and provide both fast compile speed and use-friendliness. The IDE has all the latest project management, editor, and code browsing features, without the slowness and bloat of Eclipse. The JumpStart C demos are fully functional for 45 days, and are reasonably priced starting from $99 (versus multi-thousands of dollars for tools from our competitors), and are supported directly by the developers. You may download our demos here. Our compiler technologies are further described here.

To more easily facilitate programming for the Cortex-M microcontrollers, we have designed the JumpStart API to be part of our compiler libraries. The JumpStart API makes it simple to access the peripherals of the microcontroller, without sacrificing the power specific to each vendor’s hardware product. You can read more about JumpStart API here, or download the API document here.

JumpStart MicroBox

Our JumpStart MicroBox kit is an excellent tool for students, hobbyists, or professionals who may be new to the Cortex-M world, to quickly gain proficiency with these powerful 32-bit microcontrollers. Priced at just $99, it includes a ST-Nucleo board, an "everything but kitchen sink" Arduino shield with an 8x8 LED array, 2 line OLED, RTC, serial EEPROM, Atmel Crypto chip and more, C programming language e-book, and of course a compiler license. Everything necessary to design a college-level embedded programming course is included in this comprehensive kit. The C ebook can be purchased separately for seasoned embedded system programmers to gain a better understanding of C. For further details, please click here.

Legacy Compilers

ImageCraft released its first compiler toolset, ICC11 for the Motorola HC11, in 1994. Since then, Imagecraft has also released compilers for the CPU12, MSP430, HC08, HC16, Atmel TinyAVR, Cypress M8C, etc. You can find information about these legacy products (ICC12, ICC11, ICC430, ICCAVR, ICC08, ICC16, ICCTiny, ICCPROP, ICCM8C) here. These products can be purchased here.


Finally, ImageCraft is also the official distributor for ELMICRO and Lawicel's CANUSB and CAN232 hardware products, which may be purchased here.

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