Smart.IO: Affordable Remote Control for Embedded Designs!

Providing an App for your embedded products will soon be a requirement, not just a "checkbox on your wish list". You can either spend $20,000+ and 3 months to develop the hardware and software and find app developers who are skilled in wireless programming, OR you can spend $16 for a Smart.IO toolkit which gives you the capabilities you need with no wireless or app coding!

And Smart.IO is great for prototyping. You are no longer constrained by physical knobs, and LEDs. Just add a few lines in your embedded firmware and you can create a UI that runs on both iOS and Android devices.

Smart.IO (patent pending) was funded successfully on KickStarter (project link here). A few quick notes:

  • The Smart.IO chip module has been redesigned using the latest ST BlueNRG1 BLE chipset for high performance and low cost.
  • The Smart.IO chip module is expected to go into production before end of May with a delivery time by mid-July 2017 or earlier.
  • The Smart.IO programmable app for iOS will be available at the same time the Smart.IO chip modules are ready for delivery, with Android version available at the same time, or shortly after.
  • We will be setting up a forum at for Smart.IO users.
  • If you missed the KickStarter, you can still pre-order Smart.IO here.

You can find links to documentations here.

With Smart.IO, you can create a UI like this with less than 20 lines of code in your embedded firmware, with no Bluetooth or app coding. See the User Guide for details.


Thank you for your support!