Designing IoT Products Just Got A Lot Easier

Concept: MCU + Wifi + C Tools = Cost-Effective Quick Time-to-Market

OEM production-ready module with STM32F411 Cortex-M MCU and TI CC3100 Wifi chip:

Customers' Benefits:


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Additional Information:

For more information, see the documentation set here.

A lower cost version with the STM32F070 Cortex M MCU will also be available.

wifi2go is the first in a line of io2gotm OEM production ready modules. A presentation of the io2go concept is here.

Professional Consulting Help Available:

The wifi2go solution provides the core hardware and software solution for your IoT designs. Additionally, ImageCraft provides consulting services for both hardware and software design to assist you in the rapid integration of wifi2go with your products; helping to reduce your time to market even further. If you would like our assistance, please email us with your needs and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.

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